Monday, 12 September 2011


First go to 7-11 near your house and
purchase "MOL Point" point, RM3/RM5/RM10 / RM20 / RM30 how much will do ...
(1)Go to login to your MOL account, choose your The MOL Point from where to buy, then click Reload Now. ( I will use Rm40 to do today demonstration)

2. Then, select Friend's Account / Third Party .And fill in ' ', then enter your Serial Number and Pin Number. Lastly,click the submit (do not worry you will recharge to the administrator because the administrator account will only result in recharge to the system )

(3) The next step is the key to hack! Check the serial number and pin number and click Confirm .

(4) Click the Confirm, the page will automatically jump back to recharge the screen and prompts you [Reload failed! ] (Do not worry your Serial Number and Pin Number is still valid, the interface is normal)

(5) Next, repeat steps 2 to 4, repeat Reload Fail 3 times to make the system 'Going CRAZY'

(6) When the fourth time, choose Own Account .

(7) The mol point will be in your account twice the amount you reload.. xDD HAPPY HACKING!! SEE!!

Why i will have RM160?? I would have been RM80,i reload RM40 painted with double is RM80,RM80+RM80=RM160
On the principle:
This account is online MOL Delta system admin account, every time it sends a delta packet to the server, which means you washed several times the value of the delta packet is sent to the server, then send out packets how to do it? Let us call it the "cumulative" it, so everyone is easy to understand. When you enter your 4th account the delta, the former three "cumulative" effect on the time added to the last.
Here some friends will ask, If so, then I use "MOLSYSTEM" Delta account the background of this system when I repeat 10 times or more. That I am not well developed yet? Good question, but delta system in the MOL system or have their own protective measures, on this account the day it also has a limit.You must not be greedy, one day only reolad 2 times. Remember!!!